Thursday, March 10, 2016

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Meet The World’s Fastest SSD Ever Made — Seagate’s New 10GBps NVMe Drive

Seagate’s previous fastest SSD, Nytro XP6500 flash accelerator card with data transfer rate of 4GBps

Short Bytes: World’s leading storage solutions maker Seagate has announced the world’s fastest SSD. The new OCP compliant storage device supports data transfer up to 10GBps. This new SSD operates at 10GBps and accommodates 16-lane PCIe slots. Apart from this, Seagate is also developing SSD for eight-lane PCIe, which will be the second fastest SSD in the world with 6.7GBps speed. 

Seagate has announced the world’s fastest enterprise-class solid state drive. It supports data transfer rates up to 10 gigabytes per second (GBps) — about 4GBps faster than the previously fastest SSD that operated around 6GBps.

With the growing demands of enterprise that needs data processing at faster rates, more technological advancements are needed. Seagate has been innovating its products and working hard to maintain its position as one of the market leaders in the industry.

World’s fastest SSD by Seagate is OCP Compliant

In its announcement blog post, the company said that the world’s fastest SSD meets the Open Compute Project (OCP) specifications.

For those who don’t know, OCP is a fast growing design-focused community, supported by giants like Microsoft, Facebook, Intel, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America etc. OCP specifications ensure that a new SSD delivers efficient server performance in storage and data center applications.

NVMe Protocol allows faster access to user data

Seagate will be showcasing its demo unit at the OCP Summit later this week. This demo would work with any system that supports the Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) protocol. Notably, this protocol was developed by Seagate and other vendors to replace the SATA standards. If we talk the benefits, NVMe reduces layers of commands to create a faster data transfer and access between flash devices.

This SSD will benefit those organizations that process data for object storage where speed matters the most. These organizations include large-scale cloud providers, web applications, statistical trends analysis, weather modeling etc.

World’s fastest SSD technology that operates at 10GBps, accommodates 16-lane PCIe slots. Apart from this, Seagate is also developing SSD for eight-lane PCIe, which will be the second fastest SSD in the world with 6.7GBps speed.

These SSDs are expected to be generally available this summer.

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