Wednesday, December 7, 2016

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How To Find Installation Date Of Our Windows And Linux PC "OS"

Finding Installation Date and Uptime in Windows PC

Finding the uptime in a Windows PC is very easy and many of you might be knowing this method. It simply involves opening the Task Manager and navigating to the Performance tab.

There, under the CPU tab, you’ll find the uptime stat of your Windows PC in the Days:HH:MM:SS format.

To find the installation date of a Windows computer, you need to open the Command Prompt. To do this, either execute CMD command in the Run window or press Win+R key.

Now, run the following command on Windows 10 and Windows 8 to find the installation date of your operating system:

systeminfo | find /i “Original”

For Windows 7 operating system, your need to run the following command:

systeminfo | find /i “install date”

Finding installation date and uptime in Linux PC

Just like Windows, finding the installation date and uptime in your Linux PC is any also an easy task. To find the uptime in Linux, simply open the terminal and run the following command. I ran this on my Ubuntu 16.10 system and it should also work on other distributions as well.


To find the installation date in Linux, you need to find a file, folder, or log that was created during the installation time. One such file can be accessed by running the following command. This makes it easy to spot the installation date of your Linux-based operating system.

ls -l /var/log/installer

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